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Dalek smoking (YT) – huomaa myös musiikki The Shadowplay Impossible Halloween Film Quiz – It’s just one round — photo identification — name the film AND provide a caption. If you don’t know the title, invent one! Joe Eszterhas’ letter to Michael Ovitz (1989) –

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Movie: The Movie (YT) – Jimmy Kimmel hassuttelee Hyundai commercials directed by Wes Anderson – eivät pärjää taannoiselle luottokorttimainokselle Balance Out of Life (Vimeo) – Koyaanisquatsi (menikö oikein?) 15-kertaisesti nopeutettuna

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TV commercials by film directors (Godard, Bergman, Fellini, Wenders, Lynch, Bay, Scott…) – Mark Cousins Cinematic revolutions: the ideas that drove movies – From innovative camerawork in the 20s to the Dogme manifesto in the 90s, here are medium-defining moments in film history Venice 2011 Top Picks –