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Why Mr. Robot’s Film References Are Subtler Than You Think – Analyze This: Robert De Niro and IMDb Average Ratings – How Alex Gibney Is Reinventing Documentary Filmmaking –

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How Wes Anderson Made The Royal Tenenbaums — Vulture – And somewhere in the midst of it all is Dave Chappelle’s home – Another evening, Brennan and I talk about what the ride of success felt like. He remembers hanging out at a club in Arizona where he and Chappelle were approached by a white …

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Seitz: How to Direct a TV Drama – Greta Gerwig on Acting in Frances Ha: One Scene, 42 Takes and 2 Hours in a Bathroom Stall – Brad Pitt’s Battle to Make World War Z: Inside the Drama, Re-writes, and Reshoots –

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Aikamme suuria (keinotekoisia) kysymyksiä: Cheers vai Simpsonit? – David Mamet: Truth and Melodrama and Phil Spector — The Making Of… – We know any drama ends when we find the answer to the question which gave rise to it. When we discover the answer simultaneously with the hero, the dramatist has done a very good …

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Oscar Screenplays: ’Lincoln’, ’Middle of Nowhere’, ’Amour’, ’Rust and Bone’, ’Beasts’ and More – The Revolution Was Televised: The Conversation – Matt Zoller Seitz ja Alan Sepinwall juttelee vuosituhannen vaihteen tv-mullistuksesta Kubrick App | LACMA – In conjunction with the exhibition Stanley Kubrick, LACMA has created a FREE app for iPhone and iPad. The app …