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By Moroder: An Interview with Giorgio Moroder on Notebook – And my advantage, if you consider more classical composers like John Williams, who I think is the best, but he doesn’t write songs. But I write songs and the scores. So that’s a little bit of an advantage for me.  Why preposterous thrillers form a […]

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What do people in the intelligence community think of Homeland? – Quora – House of Cards star Kevin Spacey on his return to television (sort of) – But really it’s “Wiseguy” that kind of got me film, because Bryan Singer and Chris McQuarrie wrote “Usual Suspects” for me because they had fallen in love with […]

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Oscar Screenplays: ’Lincoln’, ’Middle of Nowhere’, ’Amour’, ’Rust and Bone’, ’Beasts’ and More – The Revolution Was Televised: The Conversation – Matt Zoller Seitz ja Alan Sepinwall juttelee vuosituhannen vaihteen tv-mullistuksesta Kubrick App | LACMA – In conjunction with the exhibition Stanley Kubrick, LACMA has created a FREE app for iPhone and iPad. The app […]

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Film Awards and Lists 2011 – American Horror Story will reboot for season 2 – In deciding that the "American Horror Story" brand name is the only thing that's needed to keep the series going, they've found a way to side-step the problem that comes whenever someone suggests doing the British series model I Would Like […]

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Errol Morris Interview (Film Comment) – Alan Sepinwall reviews Torchwood: Miracle Day – It’s twice as long as “Children of Earth” was, and several times more ambitious. The narrative skips back and forth between the UK and various points in America, and the action and the production values are much more befitting an American series […]