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The Great Recession of American Film Acting – Rooney Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Oscar Isaac, for example, all of whom have crossed from independent films to big-budget franchises and back again largely without varying their performance styles. These actors have each been lauded for performances that are understated and even remote; if Method actors […]

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Seitz: How to Direct a TV Drama – Greta Gerwig on Acting in Frances Ha: One Scene, 42 Takes and 2 Hours in a Bathroom Stall – Brad Pitt’s Battle to Make World War Z: Inside the Drama, Re-writes, and Reshoots –

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Make movies, not scripts – Often, years are spent developing and refining a script which is then shot in weeks; the problem isn’t that the speed of direction kills—it can make for a thrilling spontaneity and immediacy—but that, when the script has been built with such solidity and has become an object of obsession for […]

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What do people in the intelligence community think of Homeland? – Quora – House of Cards star Kevin Spacey on his return to television (sort of) – But really it’s “Wiseguy” that kind of got me film, because Bryan Singer and Chris McQuarrie wrote “Usual Suspects” for me because they had fallen in love with […]