Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 28.03.2016 – 29.03.2016

Mikä on taiteen tehtävä, Neil Hardwick? (1/2) – The Unbearable Sadness Of Ben Affleck – Is ‘Friends’ Still the Most Popular Show on TV? – Walter Murch interview Camerimage 2015 – osa 3/3, linkit aiempiin osiin jutussa Francis Ford Coppola’s Third Act: Italy, Wine, and the Secret of Life –

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 1.02.2015 – 15.02.2015

An Exclusive Look at Sony’s Hacking Saga – Xavier Dolan’s look book for Mommy – My interview with André Turpin about his striking cinematography for Mommy is in the February issue of American Cinematographer. This post features an interview with the film’s talented director, Xavier Dolan, that I did after the print deadline. I will […]

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César-voittajat 2014 – Ei ole kovin monta tuttua elokuvaa joukossa The Oscars 20 Years Ago: Live-Blogging the 1994 Academy Awards – Oletan että meininki on sama 2034. Oscar Night in Hollywood (Raymond Chandler, 1948) – Technically, they are voted, but actually they are not decided by the use of whatever artistic and critical wisdom Hollywood […]

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Behind the Scenes of Star Wars: Episode III––Revenge of the Sith (Vanity Fair, 2005) – “I’m not a great writer,” says Lucas, whose strength lies in concocting huge scenarios, not in coming up with snappy dialogue or in constructing small domestic scenes. Richard Linklater Discusses His 12-Year Project ’Boyhood’ – But I guess I was […]