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Gravity: vfx that’s anything but down to earth – spoileri-schpoileri Anjelica Huston on Her Father, John Huston: “He Was Extremely Well-Endowed” – The Internet Owes Its Sense of Humor to Bob Odenkirk – In the mid-’00s, Odenkirk was given the chance to direct his own big-studio comedies. But the fatigue of fighting and bickering had […]

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Bruce Dern on the Part He’s Waited 77 Years For — Vulture – Roman Polanski Speaks: His New Movie, His 2009 Arrest, and the Public Hatred He Encounters | Vanity Fair – Melissa McCarthy and the New Female Slapstick – McCarthy gets dirty, she gets horny, and, most important, she gets the shit kicked out […]

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Damon Lindelof on Blockbuster Screenwriting – “Once you spend more than $100 million on a movie, you have to save the world,” explains Lindelof. What It Was Like to Make The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan, a Producer’s Tale – The reality I experienced as producer of The Canyons was different than the emphasis of the […]

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Seitz: How to Direct a TV Drama – Greta Gerwig on Acting in Frances Ha: One Scene, 42 Takes and 2 Hours in a Bathroom Stall – Brad Pitt’s Battle to Make World War Z: Inside the Drama, Re-writes, and Reshoots –