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The reviewer projects confidence, the critic displays curiosity – Dave Holmes Revisits 1987 Box Office – Dragnet has pretty much been forgotten and there’s no need to remind you of it here, unless you want to see the music video for the soundtrack’s lead single, “City of Crime,” in which Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks […]

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Gay Talese: Peter O’Toole on the Ould Sod (Esquire, 1963) – Spike Jonze interviewed by NIcole Holofcener – JONZE: When I worked with him on Where the Wild Things Are, we shot the whole voice part before we went to Australia and did the movie. We had everybody together, and he was just sort of […]

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Steve McQueen (Interview Magazine) – Star Wars Stars: Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford (Interview, 1977) – Despite the fresh faces, we're also guessing that Fisher, Hamill, and Ford will definitely make appearances. Here's what the trio had to say in June 1977, prior to their Star Wars claim to fame. Does Harvey Weinstein Help […]

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Bruce Dern on the Part He’s Waited 77 Years For — Vulture – Roman Polanski Speaks: His New Movie, His 2009 Arrest, and the Public Hatred He Encounters | Vanity Fair – Melissa McCarthy and the New Female Slapstick – McCarthy gets dirty, she gets horny, and, most important, she gets the shit kicked out […]

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Tom Cuise & Terry Semel talk about Stanley Kubrick – via @mattzollerseitz ’The Hobbit:’ Inside Peter Jackson and Warner Bros.’ $1 Billion Gamble – Panting, exhausted and action. That could be the motto of the making of The Hobbit. Why George Lucas Is the Greatest Artist of Our Time – The Chronicle Review – The […]