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The Director Isn’t Finished Yet: An Interview With Steven Soderbergh – I think you’d be surprised by how little I talk to the actors. My goal is for them to feel like they landed in exactly the right place through some process of their own. I don’t feel the need to own what they’re doing. […]

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Amazon UK lopetti ilmaiset postitukset Suomeen – Stanley Kubrick answers a question – Mark Harris Talks About His Book ”Five Came Back” and the way World War II changed Frank Capra, John Ford, John Huston, George Stevens and William Wyler – Huston was definitely a mixed bag as a person, definitely a very difficult man. […]

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Wolverine’s Classic Comic Writer Critiques Film — Vulture – Jonathan Rosenbaum kertoo Bela Tarrin elokuvakoulusta – Stanley Kubrick, cinephile – Lista Kubrickin suosikkielokuvista

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Oscar Screenplays: ’Lincoln’, ’Middle of Nowhere’, ’Amour’, ’Rust and Bone’, ’Beasts’ and More – The Revolution Was Televised: The Conversation – Matt Zoller Seitz ja Alan Sepinwall juttelee vuosituhannen vaihteen tv-mullistuksesta Kubrick App | LACMA – In conjunction with the exhibition Stanley Kubrick, LACMA has created a FREE app for iPhone and iPad. The app […]

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Tom Cuise & Terry Semel talk about Stanley Kubrick – via @mattzollerseitz ’The Hobbit:’ Inside Peter Jackson and Warner Bros.’ $1 Billion Gamble – Panting, exhausted and action. That could be the motto of the making of The Hobbit. Why George Lucas Is the Greatest Artist of Our Time – The Chronicle Review – The […]