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Wolverine’s Classic Comic Writer Critiques Film — Vulture – Jonathan Rosenbaum kertoo Bela Tarrin elokuvakoulusta – Stanley Kubrick, cinephile – Lista Kubrickin suosikkielokuvista

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The Spanish Dracula – What many people don't know is that Universal made two versions of Dracula at the same time. The second was Drácula, a Spanish-language film shot at the same time as the English-language version. During the day, the English-speaking actors did their scenes. At night, the Spanish-speaking actors arrived at the studio […]

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Roger Ebert, (liian) tunteellinen kriitikko – The reason for this is because Ebert is too emotionally dependent in his critiques; of the thousands of reviews he's written, you can certainly point to a few dozen, maybe a hundred or two, that are gems–well written (and, let's face it, the man won his Pulitzer for his […]