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Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer Editor — Vulture – Jacques Tati: Composing in Sound and Image – The fact that he always shot his films without sound and composed his soundtracks separately made it easier for him to use images and sounds interactively, employing sound in part as a way of guiding how we …

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Wolverine’s Classic Comic Writer Critiques Film — Vulture – Jonathan Rosenbaum kertoo Bela Tarrin elokuvakoulusta – Stanley Kubrick, cinephile – Lista Kubrickin suosikkielokuvista

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Forgotten Trek – Theory and Practice: The Criticism of Jean-Luc Godard – 10 Modern Movies That Are Better in Black and White – joo joo, listajuttu ja valikoima on mitä on, mutta! kommenttiraidat jokaisessa videossa on hyvä idea

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Jonathan Rosenbaum piti (ja pitää yhä) A.I.:tä mestariteoksena – If the best movies are often those that change the rules, Steven Spielberg’s sincere, cockeyed, serious, and sometimes masterful realization of Stanley Kubrick’s ambitious late project deserves to be a contender. The Ten Servers that Changed the Fictional World – Salon: Films of the Decade – …