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I Was an A-List Writer of B-List Productions – How Pinocchio set the standard for feature animation / The Dissolve – Meet David Ellison, the Tech Scion Taking Over Hollywood – Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era (NYT Magazine) –

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How Mad Max : Fury Road lured Oscar winner John Seale back behind the camera – Making of Mad Max: Fury Road from ACS Victoria with John Seale ACS ASC and David Burr ACS – The job of a modern comedy feature film editor sounds horrible –

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Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer Editor — Vulture – Jacques Tati: Composing in Sound and Image – The fact that he always shot his films without sound and composed his soundtracks separately made it easier for him to use images and sounds interactively, employing sound in part as a way of guiding how we …

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Damon Lindelof Promises You His New Show Won’t End Like ‘Lost’ – In part, Lindelof may be a victim of a situation he didn’t create but helped nurture: He became, with “Lost,” a celebrity show runner, a species that was previously very rare in television. A show runner — basically the person, usually a writer, …

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Downtown Los Angeles in film: ugly past, glorious future – Jay Leno’s Last ’Tonight Show’ and Lasting Legacy: Saving a Tear For the Third Act – He loved his monologue. He was absolutely a pushover with his guests. He had zero right angles. His safety guaranteed A-list stars, many who were wary of Letterman. Even …