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The Late, Great Stephen Colbert – [toread] Laajakuvaelokuvain historia on täynnä mitä erikoisimpia virityksiä – The life and death of Clyde A. Bruckman, plagiarist and drunk of the silent era –

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I Was an A-List Writer of B-List Productions – How Pinocchio set the standard for feature animation / The Dissolve – Meet David Ellison, the Tech Scion Taking Over Hollywood – Comedy Central in the Post-TV Era (NYT Magazine) –

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Interview with screenwriter Ron Shusett – Laputa – Castle in the Sky: Characters in Different Lighting Situations – In many scenes, Laputa has the feel of an early Technicolor adventure film or a Disney feature like Peter Pan. One of Technicolor consultant Natalie Kalmus' most conspicuous rules was her demand for natural skin colors (what …