Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 2.12.2012

  • Interview with screenwriter Ron Shusett
  • Laputa – Castle in the Sky: Characters in Different Lighting Situations – In many scenes, Laputa has the feel of an early Technicolor adventure film or a Disney feature like Peter Pan. One of Technicolor consultant Natalie Kalmus' most conspicuous rules was her demand for natural skin colors (what she believed to be the chief indicator of realism). By keeping the faces in natural tones color constancy perception made the saturated object colors of everything else in the picture stand out even more (which I believe highlights the constructedness of props and sets) and actually defined that glorious look that we generally associate with three-strip Technicolor films.
  • Lightworks NLE – täysverinen ilmainen nonlineaarinen leikkausohjelma


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