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Downtown Los Angeles in film: ugly past, glorious future – Jay Leno’s Last ’Tonight Show’ and Lasting Legacy: Saving a Tear For the Third Act – He loved his monologue. He was absolutely a pushover with his guests. He had zero right angles. His safety guaranteed A-list stars, many who were wary of Letterman. Even […]

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Greg’s wonderful piece on the downsides (and up-) of online film writing –  One, I wouldn’t want to not converse with the online community of film lovers and friends I’ve discovered in this time and two, I’ve never learned more about the movies than I have in the last five years.  Before that, it was […]

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Affleck and the Argonauts – Fiona loved it, I admired and enjoyed it, and then I got into a Twitter debate with Mark Cousins, who was impressed by the filmmaking but disgusted by the portrayal of Iran. Joining the tweeting was Ehsan Khoshbakht, who brought me up to speed on the film’s many inaccuracies. These […]

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Tom Cuise & Terry Semel talk about Stanley Kubrick – via @mattzollerseitz ’The Hobbit:’ Inside Peter Jackson and Warner Bros.’ $1 Billion Gamble – Panting, exhausted and action. That could be the motto of the making of The Hobbit. Why George Lucas Is the Greatest Artist of Our Time – The Chronicle Review – The […]