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Bruce Dern on the Part He’s Waited 77 Years For — Vulture – Roman Polanski Speaks: His New Movie, His 2009 Arrest, and the Public Hatred He Encounters | Vanity Fair – Melissa McCarthy and the New Female Slapstick – McCarthy gets dirty, she gets horny, and, most important, she gets the shit kicked out […]

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On the death of anonymous people in movies – And to be sure this is all perfectly understood, I'm NOT talking about central characters or major supporting characters or even minor supporting characters. That's NOT what I'm talking about. With those you DO feel something and often are meant to. I'm talking about characters that […]

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'Waterworld': Dangerous When Wet – The story behind the most expensive film made to date Paddy Chayefsky’s Notes for ‘Network’ – Straw Dogs -traileri – siitä sitten uusintaversiota Post-Human Nightmares – The World of Japanese Cyberpunk Cinema – The Genius of Buster Keaton (NYRB) –