Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 13.12.2013 – 16.12.2013

  • Gay Talese: Peter O’Toole on the Ould Sod (Esquire, 1963)
  • Spike Jonze interviewed by NIcole Holofcener – JONZE: When I worked with him on Where the Wild Things Are, we shot the whole voice part before we went to Australia and did the movie. We had everybody together, and he was just sort of the force of nature that drove those scenes. When he was in a good mood, everybody in the room was in a good mood. And when he was in a heavy mood, everybody would be kind of heavy and quiet—he just had that kind of power. He could emanate whatever he was feeling just by being. He had that kind of charisma. Whatever he was feeling, you were going to feel it. He was this unstable, mercurial force, and everybody rode on the ocean of his mood.
  • 10 fave movie posters from 2013


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