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Mike Judge Skewers Silicon Valley With the Satire of Our Dreams – David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition – Tilda Swinton Is Not Quite of This World – Director’s Cut: 10 Theatrical Versions Vs. The Filmmaker’s Final Vision –

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Gravity: vfx that’s anything but down to earth – spoileri-schpoileri Anjelica Huston on Her Father, John Huston: “He Was Extremely Well-Endowed” – The Internet Owes Its Sense of Humor to Bob Odenkirk – In the mid-’00s, Odenkirk was given the chance to direct his own big-studio comedies. But the fatigue of fighting and bickering had …

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Aikamme suuria (keinotekoisia) kysymyksiä: Cheers vai Simpsonit? – David Mamet: Truth and Melodrama and Phil Spector — The Making Of… – We know any drama ends when we find the answer to the question which gave rise to it. When we discover the answer simultaneously with the hero, the dramatist has done a very good …

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Halpiskomedia "A bit of Tom Jones?", traileri jne. – it's the naughty bit The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century A.D. – neliosainen animaatiosarja Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Breaks Down His Kung Fu Samples by Film and Song – via @vxx5plus