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Mikä on taiteen tehtävä, Neil Hardwick? (1/2) – The Unbearable Sadness Of Ben Affleck – Is ‘Friends’ Still the Most Popular Show on TV? – Walter Murch interview Camerimage 2015 – osa 3/3, linkit aiempiin osiin jutussa Francis Ford Coppola’s Third Act: Italy, Wine, and the Secret of Life –

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Renny Harlin’s Die Hard II commentary bits – Walter Murch Articles – Scott Ward could be very funny about the fetish for natural light – I learned every time I worked with Scott, and when I taught alongside him. He did a devastating critique of Stanley Kubrick’s use of candlelight in BARRY LYNDON — “Of […]

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Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (NYT Mag) – If Aline Brosh McKenna were to write a script about her life, it might open with McKenna, wavy-haired and underdressed, hopefully showing her work to a series of unsmiling magazine editors in New York. Discouraged but not defeated, she eventually screws up her resolve and decides to take […]