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The Making of Pulp Fiction: Quentin Tarantino’s and the Cast’s Retelling (Vanity Fair) – Paul Thomas Anderson talks the birth of The Master with Elvis Mitchell – Duncan Jones Tweets Details of Source Code –

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Renny Harlin’s Die Hard II commentary bits – Walter Murch Articles – Scott Ward could be very funny about the fetish for natural light – I learned every time I worked with Scott, and when I taught alongside him. He did a devastating critique of Stanley Kubrick’s use of candlelight in BARRY LYNDON — “Of …

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Janusz Kaminski Interviewed (mp3) – Interview with Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino – And then I met Jamie and realized I didn’t need to do that. Jamie understood the material. But mostly he was the cowboy. Forget the fact that he has his own horse—and that is actually his horse in the movie. He’s from …

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Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver – mukana MZS:n analyysi Alien Explorations: 20th anniversary DVD Ridley Scott commentary edited – the vfx show #146: Alien and Aliens – In anticipation of the release of Prometheus Mike Seymour, Matt Wallin and TyRuben Ellingson dissect the original Alien and Aliens films.