Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 27.08.2011 – 29.08.2011

  • Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (NYT Mag) – If Aline Brosh McKenna were to write a script about her life, it might open with McKenna, wavy-haired and underdressed, hopefully showing her work to a series of unsmiling magazine editors in New York. Discouraged but not defeated, she eventually screws up her resolve and decides to take a course in screenwriting. Cut to a classroom where student after student offers high-flown ideas for films that will never be made, until at last McKenna speaks: “I want to make a caper comedy about two girls, and one falls in love with someone she thinks is a criminal who turns out to be an F.B.I. agent.”
  • Roger Ebert interviews Lee Marvin – Esquire, 1970 – "I need a beer," Marvin said. "Who's gonna get me a beer? I'm gonna get me a beer? I feel like a beer. Hell, I need a beer. Where are my glasses?" He peered around him. "Ever read this book? I got it for Christmas or some goddamn thing. A history of the West. Look here. All these cowboys are wearing chaps. Workingmen, see. Look here. Bronco Billy all dressed up in the East's conception of the Western hero. See. From a dime novel. That's how authentic a Western we made when we made Monte Walsh. Where's that beer? That author, he knows what it was really like. Get me a beer."
  • Walter Murch: Dense Clarity — Clear Density


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