Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 6.09.2016 – 11.09.2016

The Great Recession of American Film Acting – Rooney Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Oscar Isaac, for example, all of whom have crossed from independent films to big-budget franchises and back again largely without varying their performance styles. These actors have each been lauded for performances that are understated and even remote; if Method actors […]

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Turhapuro-elokuvien välivuoden 1989 syy paljastui: Spede ja Finnkino riitaantuivat – Ei olisi Vääpeli Körmy -elokuvia ilman tätä. Hong Kong’s Prime Movers A-Z (Film Comment) – The Upside-Down Math of Film Subsidies – Businessweek – There could be better uses for the money. The studies also don’t always take into account what amounts to an “opportunity […]

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How did journalists respond to the critique of Season 5 of ‘The Wire’? » Nieman Journalism Lab – Journalism-lehti on maksullinen, yliopiston kirjasto auttaa The essay film – some thoughts of discontent – Kevin B. Lee kertoo ja näyttää, mitä mieltä on essee-elokuvista ’The X-Files’ Turns 20: ’Breaking Bad’ Creator On What He Learned From […]

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Explaining ’Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ – Grantland – Interview: David Cronenberg | Film Comment – Why Glengarry Glen Ross’ Alec Baldwin scene is so unusual  –