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‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth – Miksi IMDB:n pisteytykset ovat silkkaa tuhnua – toinen kuvaaja, otsikolla Fandango LOVES Movis kertoo kaiken Nekobasu animation layouts –

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Valkoisen peuran paluu – Filmielokuvan digitointi (TM 4/2016) – Close encounters: the return of The X-Files (Sight & Sound) – "I was fortunate enough to host a panel featuring Duchovny and Anderson at New York City’s Paley Center for Media in 2013: one of the funniest moments came when I tried unsuccessfully to explain a […]

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All 201 X-Files Episodes Ranked by Keith Uhlich – Keith is crazy. And great. And crazy. Elokuva pecha kuchana, erityisesti satunnaisesti luotuna sellaisena – There are nearly infinite possibilities of how algorithmic videos like these might create new deformations that could help teach us something new about the original film, or constitute a compelling videographic […]

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How did journalists respond to the critique of Season 5 of ‘The Wire’? » Nieman Journalism Lab – Journalism-lehti on maksullinen, yliopiston kirjasto auttaa The essay film – some thoughts of discontent – Kevin B. Lee kertoo ja näyttää, mitä mieltä on essee-elokuvista ’The X-Files’ Turns 20: ’Breaking Bad’ Creator On What He Learned From […]