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Errol Morris Interview (Film Comment) – Alan Sepinwall reviews Torchwood: Miracle Day – It’s twice as long as “Children of Earth” was, and several times more ambitious. The narrative skips back and forth between the UK and various points in America, and the action and the production values are much more befitting an American series […]

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Enter The Void -traileri – jep Torchwood season 4 has an awesome roster of writers – Davies, who created the "Doctor Who" spinoff, will of course write several episodes of the 10-part series, but other writers for Season 4 include John Shiban ("Breaking Bad," "Supernatural," "The X-Files"), Doris Egan ("House," "Tru Calling," "Dark Angel'), Jane […]

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Fox readying U.S. version of 'Torchwood' – This is the greatest movie plot synopsis in written history – yksityiskohtainen selostus Karvinen-elokuvan tapahtumista What throws us is [silent movie] era’s wildly overemphatic acting style, in which every dramatic emotion is communicated via gestural bullhorn (AV Club) – käsittelyssä tarkemmin Metropolis