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Book vs. Film: My Week With Marilyn – But by eliminating most of his personal ambition—really, just by eliminating his inner monologue of judgment and job-related scheming—the film makes him simultaneously more accessible and less interesting. It also makes the film far less about him, and far more about the much more familiar and prestigious […]

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28 Pages Long – Sheila O'Malley on acting that scene in Hunger – It is hard to imagine that what he is saying were ever words on a page, and that, to me, is always the mark of an extraordinary performance. Dan Harmon walks us through Community’s second season, part 1 of 4 (The A.V. […]

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Udo Kier (Random Roles | The A.V. Club) – AVC: Okay, we must skip ahead… UK: Yes, please do. Let’s talk about Pamela Anderson please, now. I want to talk about Pamela Anderson! AVC: I was going to ask about Berlin Alexanderplatz next. UK: No, I want to talk about Pamela! Method Without Madness – […]

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Lyhytelokuva Stasis – via io9 In the Life of The Wire (The New York Review of Books) – Gaspar Noé: "The whole thing is about getting into holes. Putting the camera into any hole." –