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Post-Empire Strikes Back – DISCUSSED: Sodomania, A Bug’s Life, A Fictional Work of Fiction, Super-Subtle Intertextuality, Twitter, Picking Fights with Dead Guys, Fifty Shades of Grey, Movies Made by Committee, Ellisian Perversion, The Unsung Swordsman of the Year, Listless Southern California Girls, Striking a Pose and Holding It So the Terror Doesn’t Show, Batwing Lashes […]

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How Wes Anderson Made The Royal Tenenbaums — Vulture – And somewhere in the midst of it all is Dave Chappelle’s home – Another evening, Brennan and I talk about what the ride of success felt like. He remembers hanging out at a club in Arizona where he and Chappelle were approached by a white […]

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Willem Dafoe: ’Don’t make this into a crackpot profile, please’ – Max Brooks Is Not Kidding About the Zombie Apocalypse (NYT Mag) – “Bringing Your Ghosts to Life” – Interview with Film Director Olivier Assayas — ”Bringing Your Ghosts to Life” – Interview with Film Director Olivier Assayas –

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Michel Gondry: The We and the I (trailer) – On library music – Library music (sometimes referred to as “production music” or “stock music”) generally refers to music that has been composed and recorded for commercial purposes and which is licensed not through the composer but the library for which it has been recorded. This […]

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How to Gain 20 Pounds of "Hollywood" Muscle – Okay, you've been hired to train a famous actor for his next movie role. He needs to add 20 pounds of muscle in about 12 weeks to play a superhero. First, give us an overview of how you'd train him. Jonathan Lethem: Postmodernism As Liberty Valance: […]