Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 15.03.2014 – 22.03.2014

Post-Empire Strikes Back – DISCUSSED: Sodomania, A Bug’s Life, A Fictional Work of Fiction, Super-Subtle Intertextuality, Twitter, Picking Fights with Dead Guys, Fifty Shades of Grey, Movies Made by Committee, Ellisian Perversion, The Unsung Swordsman of the Year, Listless Southern California Girls, Striking a Pose and Holding It So the Terror Doesn’t Show, Batwing Lashes […]

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 12.01.2010 – 13.01.2010

The Dungeon Masters -traileri – ropenörttejä hihihihi The Story of Gilberto Sanchez, the Man Who Leaked ‘Wolverine’ – Komppaaja, efektitehtaiden tuntematon sotilas (Variety) – For example, in one slow-motion shot in "Sherlock Holmes," Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) runs from a burning warehouse straight toward the camera. Explosions surround him. He catches fire. Downey was shot […]