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David Bordwell: The pivot point of film criticism is 16 May 1955 – These anthologies revealed that these writers had done great things, and at a terribly young age. In 1940 Agee was thirty-one, Tyler twenty-six, and Farber twenty-four. Their youth, I think, made them plucky enough to try to think boldly about commercial cinema […]

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It’s the summer of Michael Shannon: The Man of Steel actor has a high-profile Chicago play and the hit series Boardwalk Empire on his plate – Chicago Tribune – The problem, said writer-director David Koepp, who cast Shannon as a sweaty loser of a villain in the thriller “Premium Rush,” is “an actor who makes […]

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The Artist movie typography and lettering – But the real problem was that they used type at all. The Art of Screenwriting No. 2, John Gregory Dunne (Paris Review) – The Art of Screenwriting No. 1, Billy Wilder (Paris Review) –

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Improving recommendation systems – MIT News Office – Shah believes that, instead of asking users to rate products on, say, a five-star scale, as Netflix and Amazon do, recommendation systems should ask users to compare products in pairs. Stitching the pairwise rankings into a master list, Shah argues, will offer a more accurate representation of […]