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Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners (Vimeo) – In Conversation:SNL’s Lorne Michaels — Vulture – If you look at our balcony at SNL, it is still classified as temporary. It’s scaffolding—scaffolding and some excess seats from Yankee Stadium. No one went, “Whatever you need.” Because broadcast has been in decline my entire professional career. […]

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An Examination of the Star Trek: TOS Credits – The Aesthetics of High Frame Rate Cinema – Creative COW – For projection frame rate, 60 fps is enough. In principal, there isn’t a big difference between 60 and 120 fps because the motion blur is so small the human eye cannot really differentiate this high frame […]

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The Artist movie typography and lettering – But the real problem was that they used type at all. The Art of Screenwriting No. 2, John Gregory Dunne (Paris Review) – The Art of Screenwriting No. 1, Billy Wilder (Paris Review) –