Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 25.01.2014 – 26.01.2014

  • David Bordwell: The pivot point of film criticism is 16 May 1955 – These anthologies revealed that these writers had done great things, and at a terribly young age. In 1940 Agee was thirty-one, Tyler twenty-six, and Farber twenty-four. Their youth, I think, made them plucky enough to try to think boldly about commercial cinema in America. Neither highbrow nor lowbrow (nor middlebrow), neither pure journalists nor Algonquin intellectuals, they created a daredevil criticism that remains audacious and dazzling. We have here three guys who smuggled themselves into the literati without becoming pale versions of Edmund Wilson.
  • Guillermo del Toro talks about creature design and stuff – Q: What makes a creature come alive for you?

    A: The first thing you have to resolve is the silhouette. Once the silhouette captures the gait and personality of the character, then you define color. Then you define the details. The mistake a lot of people do is they start with the details. A lot of people say, ‘I want a creature with five wings and huge tentacles and teeth,’ and they start accumulating. And I think a great creature is never done by accumulation but by doing each element very, very carefully.

  • David Cronenberg on The Metamorphosis and The Fly – When I went on my publicity tour for The Fly, I was often asked what insect I would want to be if I underwent an entomological transformation. My answers varied, depending on my mood, though I had a fondness for the dragonfly, not only for its spectacular flying but also for the novelty of its ferocious underwater nymphal stage with its deadly extendable underslung jaw; I also thought that mating in the air might be pleasant.


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