Muualla noteerattua 27.05.2009 – 28.05.2009

  • Woody Allen and Larry David have just made a new movie together. Take a good look—you won’t see the likes of them again. – Whatever Works is a screenplay that dates so far back it was originally written for Zero Mostel, who died the year Annie Hall came out. Allen updated it very slightly (including a voice-over reference to President Obama), but make no mistake: This movie is literally vintage Woody Allen. In fact, it calls to mind a brand of Jewish humor that has, in recent years, been all but scrubbed out—neurotic, depressive, abrasive, excluded. And to serve as its embodiment, he drafted Larry David, the guy who, through six seasons of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, has done more than anyone—even Allen—to keep that sensibility alive for a generation to whom it’s now almost completely foreign.
  • Movies In Four Frames
  • Mike Judgen uuden The Goode Family -sarjan pilottijakson arvio – The Goode Family in many ways tries to offer the flip side of King of the Hill telling stories about a family obsessed with political correctness that is to the point of paralysis.


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