Muualla noteerattua 29.04.2009 – 1.05.2009

  • "We sent chief sociologist Stephen Colbert to Helsinki, Finland…" (Daily Show, 2002)
  • Tyttökultien Sophien repliikkejä – Sophia Petrillo: Because we don't have cable and I can't crochet, this is who I am Dorothy, either learn to live with it, or have me medicated.

    Sophia Petrillo: Dorothy, where I come from you learn never to turn your back on family! NEVER! When your crazy cousin Nunzio started living with his pet goat, did the family turn their back on him? No. And after a couple of nights neither did the goat.

    Dorothy: Look Ma, I am concerned. You're my mother. Can't you just check it out, please?
    Sophia Petrillo: Hee hee hee hee!
    Dorothy: What are you laughing at?
    Sophia Petrillo: I'm sorry. I thought you said "I'm Mothra, giant radioactive insect. Ree, ree, ree!"

  • District 9 -scifileffan traileri – Blomkampin piti ohjata Halo-leffa, mutta se kaatui budjettiongelmiin
  • 'Star Trek' writing pair cling on to their partnership (LA Times) – There's a lot of humor in the film and a certain sexiness that is already stirring debate on fan websites, which Orci and Kurtzman read religiously. Orci is a zealous fan of the franchise with a deep knowledge of its history, and the pair put plenty of traditional touches in the new film, such as the furry and troublesome Tribble that makes an appearance.


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