Muualla noteerattua 26.06.2009 – 29.06.2009

  • Herzogin Fitzcarraldo-muistelmat käännettiin englanniksi (NY Times) – It’s always personal: fire ants rain down upon him spitefully. Hens treat him diffidently. A cobra stares him down.
  • What is Jeff Goldblum doing on Law & Order: Criminal Intent? (Slate) – For reasons unknown, Nichols generally eschews the customary overcoat in favor of—in one key episode—a ski parka over a leather jacket over a fleece over a tie over a shirt, performing a number of his civil duties with his arms hanging slightly out and down, like a 4-year-old bundled up for a snow fight. In warmer climes, he glides behind his colleagues with his hands stuck in his pockets and a wan, dubious grin imprinted on his face. Words are exchanged. The words are normal Law & Order words, but you wouldn't know it: Goldblum turns dialogue inside-out with stylized speech and a range of pregnant pauses, looping his eyes around the room with each caesura as if tracking an imagined hummingbird.
  • Fan-made Arrested Development documentary gets a trailer – oho wau jee


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