Triviaa: Big Lebowski ja poistettu tekopenis

Mary Zophres, Big Lebowskin pukusuunnittelija kertoo Jesus Quintanan vaatteista:

There was another element that we didn’t end up using, and that was a penis enhancement we made out of birdseed encased in a thin, stretchy fabric. It was in the shape of a penis. I had a mock-up of one for my meeting with John. He put it down there and really liked it because it helped boost the effect when he thrust his hips forward.

He wore it for the flashback scene, but when he had it on under his jumpsuit, Joel said, ’Jesus, this is really obscene.’ He felt that it might be the thing that tipped us over into NC-17, because the jumpsuit was so tight, it made the fake penis very visible. I’m glad he didn’t end up wearing it. It would have been too much.

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