Muualla noteerattua 29.06.2009 – 30.06.2009

  • Watchmenin blurayn kommenttiraidalla nähdään Zack Snyder puhumassa leffasta – näyttää oikeastaan aika hauskalta
  • Iron Man origami
  • ILM teki Transformers 2:n efektit IMAX:ia varten 4K-resoluutiolla – Nörtteilyn lisäksi ("During the height of production, ILM dedicated 80 percent of its total rendering capacity to Transformers 2, one time even hitting 83 percent. “We broke all the ILM records,” Smith says. “Everyone else squeezed into 17 percent.” How much is that? ILM’s render farm has 5700 core processors, the newest of which are dual processor and quad cores (eight cores per blade), with up to 32 GB of memory per blade. In addition, the render farm can access the 2000 core processors in the artists’ workstations, which ups the total core processors to 7700. As for data storage, the studio’s data center currently has 500 TB online. Transformers 2 sucked up 154 TB, more than seven times the 20 TB needed for 2007’s Transformers.") on kiinnostavaa se, miten IMAX:in käyttö efektikohtauksissa vaikuttaa kuvan kompositioon
  • Naururaidan historia – The concept actually goes back at least five hundred years. History tells us that there were audience “plants” in the crowds at Shakespearean performances in the 16th century. They spurred on audience reactions, including laughter and cheering—as well as jeers.
  • Verkkodigiboksi pysyy laillisena USA:ssa – The U.S. Supreme Court today refused to hear the appeal of a consortium of Hollywood studios looking to block the service. Cablevision said it plans to begin the roll out this summer. Cablevision’s remote storage DVR system will allow users to record and store programming on centralized servers owned by the New York-based cable operator.
  • Dna nappasi teräpiirtotelevision lähetysoikeudet – minullahan olisi yhdessä purkissa hd-viritin dvb-t-protokollaa varten, mutta eipä siitä ole hyötyä
  • Ryan, Oscar-lyhäri 2005


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