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Where Do Claire Danes’s Volcanic Performances Come From? – What is Al Pacino’s Next Big Move? – As we discuss The Godfather, the mention of Brando gets Pacino excited. “When you see him in A Streetcar Named Desire, somehow he’s bringing a stage performance to the screen. Something you can touch. It’s so exciting to […]

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Paramount Has a Probem with Blu-Ray Extras – I’m sure this plan looked great from a studio marketing standpoint. “Let’s do something exciting to make our retail partners feel special.” But how about doing something to make your customers feel special? Hot Fuzz -käsis – The web video of 2012 – The year’s best online […]

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The Bond Villain’s Lair: Skyfall’s Abandoned Island – todellisuus potkii jälleen kerran fiktiota päähän Silent films, FPS and bluray – a difficult combination – For silent-film Blu-ray producers, these are unavoidable compromises, deriving from the fact that the format doesn’t permit genuinely variable frame rates. What’s particularly frustrating is that other digital video systems (Apple’s […]

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7 unproduced screenplays by Nabokov, Churchill, Adorno & Horkheimer, Huxley… – In Los Angeles in the 1940s, Frankfurt School philosophers Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer spent nearly six years working on a screenplay about prejudice. The final draft, titled "Below the Surface," features a violent commotion on a subway car, during which a woman carrying […]

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Inglourious Basterds Limited Edition bluray includes Momma Landa's Old Fashion Austrian Strudel Recipe – voi sinua, Quentin YT: Mel Blanc's cartoon voices – wau Battle for Hearts and Minds -dokkarin traileri – freelancerin dokkari Afganistanin sodasta, kuvattu Canon 5D mk II:lla