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Ben Kingsley shows what’s difficult about star interviews: ‘Do you mind if I finish what I was saying?’ – Unused James Bond themes – PSB, Ace of Base (!), Pulp, St. Etienne… Shooting Film and TV Sex Scenes: What Really Goes On –

Twitterissä kuvitellaan, miten tv-sarjat ja leffafranchiset jatkuisivat

Julistan uuden ilmiön syntyneen: hassuttelijat, jotka kirjoittavat Twitterissä kuvitteellisia jaksokuvauksia suosikkisarjojen ja elokuvien uusille osille. Jos Star Trek: The Next Generation olisi päässyt kahdeksannelle tuotantokaudelle: Ghosts of long-dead crewmen harass Troi. Riker’s fight with a lizard alien turns romantic, leading to sensual massaging and heavy petting. — TNG Season 8 (@TNG_S8) December 11, 2012 Jos […]

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How to Write the Next James Bond Song – The Story of the Eye – From Painting to Pixar’s RenderMan (Frieze 1996) – When western visual art has come closest to optical verisimilitude – in Renaissance Italy, from the 15th-17th century in the Netherlands, in the late-19th century Britain of the Pre-Raphaelites – it has […]

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The Bond Villain’s Lair: Skyfall’s Abandoned Island – todellisuus potkii jälleen kerran fiktiota päähän Silent films, FPS and bluray – a difficult combination – For silent-film Blu-ray producers, these are unavoidable compromises, deriving from the fact that the format doesn’t permit genuinely variable frame rates. What’s particularly frustrating is that other digital video systems (Apple’s […]