Muualla noteerattua 30.06.2009 – 1.07.2009

  • Escalating VFX for New Transformers (VFXWorld) – "Even there, we were doing little odd things, like variation percentage of motion blur on the characters. I tell everyone to jump on the Harryhausen band wagon — that's what we've gotta do. People in computer graphics don't want to reduce motion blur, but the problem with the robots is that they have so many little pieces that they become artifacts with so many sharp things moving through the frame. I found it's better to reduce motion blur in certain moments, like when Bumblebee comes close or Starscream has moments in the forest fight and Optimus and Megatron, where we reduce motion blur to half, a third and an eighth."
  • Soderbergh/Damon: The Informant! (traileri)
  • Kuuntele: Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse & David Lynch


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