Muualla noteerattua 11.07.2009 – 12.07.2009

  • Harvoinpa näkee Kubrickia näin railakkaasti dissaavia kirjoituksia – If you aren't on 2001's wavelength, the thing's tedium is staggering. The nearest thing to a dramatic situation in 148 minutes is the astronauts' contest with HAL the computer for control of the Jupiter probe. With one mildly clever exception—HAL's ability to read lips—the duel between man and machine isn't worked out with much ingenuity. Not that you've got reason to expect any from a script whose idea of smart exposition has been to have the astronauts watch an endless TV report about their own mission.
  • Andrew Sarris – A Survivor of Film Criticism’s Heroic Age
  • Kymmenen pippelihetkeä elokuvista (Salon) – To mark the release of "Brüno," we've assembled our list of the best moments in male full-frontal nudity — ranked in terms of cultural significance and our, well, personal appreciation.


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