Muualla noteerattua 22.07.2009 – 23.07.2009

  • Whip It -traileri – Drew Barrymore ohjaa, Ellen Page näyttelee, ympäristönä naisten rullaluistelukisat – quirkyyyy!
  • Carriers-traileri – viruksia ja maailmanloppua
  • World’s Greatest Dad -traileri – Woah, Robin Williams ei riehu ja remellä. Tämähän näyttää hyvältä.
  • Anthony Lane tylyttää Brünoa New Yorkerissa – First, it suggests that Baron Cohen, having sneaked his way into a discussion, seldom has the nerve to keep his side of the bargain, preferring to cut things short with a gibe. Second, his comfort zone of comic reference, predicated on the discomfort of others, begins at the waistline and ends at the kneecaps. In his relentless, unmistakably Anglo-Freudian insistence on the genital and the anal, Baron Cohen takes the double entendre and strips it to a single one, placing in full view what used to be a smirking aside. Forget satire; this guy doesn’t want to scorch the earth anymore. He just wants to swing his dick.
  • Crowe considering new 'Master & Commander' movie – ensimmäinen M&C taitaakin olla paras Crowe-elokuva tällä vuosituhannella


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