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Kent Jones on Film Criticism’s Condition – Rather, the two complementary actions embodied in Wood’s approach—discarding surface detail in order to look to the inner core, and restoring the film and/or the filmmaker to a state of phantom wholeness—have become habitual over the years, and resulted in a dramatic gulf between how, why, and for …

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Why Stupid Sequels Ruin The Originals, Too – The Film Snob's Dictionary, Volume 3 – Magnificent Obsession – One of the great tragedies in cinematic history was the fate of Orson Welles’s 1942 epic, The Magnificent Ambersons, which was cut, reshot, and mutilated by studio functionaries while its visionary director was working on another project …

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TIFF 2011 International Documentary Line Up – Books on film sound, review by Michael Chanan – The Sexual Proclivities of Friends – Ticked Off at Ticked-Off Trannies – Peter Bart, Hollywood’s Information Man – LA Magazine, 2001 – AFTER MATH: STAYING ALIVE, GREASE 2, and the calculus of the Sequel > Press Play –

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What's In A Trilogy? – The Spielberg Curriculum – alleged list of films you have to watch if you want to work with Mr Spielberg More TV Shows and Movies Are Filming in New York City – NYTimes.com –