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Kent Jones on Film Criticism’s Condition – Rather, the two complementary actions embodied in Wood’s approach—discarding surface detail in order to look to the inner core, and restoring the film and/or the filmmaker to a state of phantom wholeness—have become habitual over the years, and resulted in a dramatic gulf between how, why, and for …

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"We've Got Company!" (YT) – Miten niin klise, hä? (via @vuokko) What do directors of TV series like Lost and Mad Men do? Are they like movie directors? – Slaten hyvä Explainer-kolumni aiheesta The Onion: Sad Sack Purchases Screenwriting Software – hihi

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Miksi kuuluisuus ja julkkikset ovat kiinnostavampia kuin fiktio (Newsweek) – Finally, celebrity possesses suspense that older forms can only manufacture. That's because traditional forms have closure—an ending when you turn the last page or when the lights go up or when the credits roll. But celebrity narratives have no final chapter. We don't know whether …

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Vince Vaughn Appears On 'Tonight Show' To Deceive Country About Latest Film (The Onion) – For Akiva Goldsman, a beautiful turnaround (LA Times) – Goldsman ohjaa esikoisleffan, joka toivottavasti on parempi kuin useimmat sen kirjoittamat rainat Man of Extremes – the return of James Cameron (New Yorker) – piiiiiiiitkä juttu Cameronista ja Avatarista