Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 18.10.2009

  • Bill Moyersin David SImon -haastattelu tekstinä
  • Bill Moyers haastattelee David Simonia tunnin verran (video) – via viilee
  • Seesamtien tekeminen on hitusen hankalaa Palestiinassa (NYT Mag) – Awadallah had been working on revising his Gaza segments. The new script began with Saleem, the handyman character on the show, watching the Gaza coverage on TV. “Saleem is sad and worried, so he calls his sister in Gaza,” Awadallah said. “She is O.K., but her friend Tariq is missing.” […] Awadallah nodded. “Yes, I want him to find his friend at the end of the episode,” he said. “It will turn out that Tariq was missing for an unexpected reason.” Maha Atmawi, a 30-year-old teacher from Qalqilya, objected. “You can’t lie to children,” she said. “Most people in Gaza who are missing will not be found. This can’t be a trick. We have to show reality.”


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