Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 9.01.2010

  • Reverse Shot’s 11 Offenses of 2009 – kannattaa lukea myös aiempien vuosien merkinnät
  • A-Team-traileri – sarjahan ei ole koskaan merkinnyt minulle mitään
  • Miksei Bollywood-hiteistä tule suuren yleisön hittejä? – monia hyviä ajatuksia, mm. This need for inclusivity means that a typical Bollywood film is a romance, comedy, family saga and action movie rolled into one. That, Shridhar acknowledges, gives westerners the impression that they are "loosely written, meandering and don't make sense". But Indians are instinctively forgiving. "People will watch a film and know that the next 15 minutes isn't going to be for them. It might be a dance sequence, or a 'hand of God' scene that's for the grandma sat next to them. Bollywood films are more like a live circus or a variety show than a western three-act concept of a movie."


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