Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 4.08.2010 – 6.08.2010

  • FXRant: "Back to the Future," Einstein Jump – kuva kuvalta -katsaus
  • Designing Mad Men – Among many things that make Mad Men so intriguing is its broad definition of what constitutes design. For example, its cunningly detailed, not-quite-couture female costuming—the B.H. Wragge-style coat-and-dress ensembles, the Koret handbags, the Coro costume jewelry—makes the female characters (especially the spectacularly curvaceous Christina Hendricks as the office manager, Joan Holloway) seem as if they have stepped straight out of the Sunday New York Times during the twilight of Lester Markel. But the clothing’s impact is accentuated by the way in which these good, serviceable outfits are seen on more than one occasion, as would have been done by working girls on a budget in those days before such disposable-chic stores as H&M.
  • Orionin ohjelmisto syksy 2010


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