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Sorkinisms – A Supercut (YT) – ’Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner discusses Season 5 – Los Angeles Times – The AMC drama's creator discusses his show's fifth season — Don Draper's marriage, Pete Campbell's business acumen and stunning character developments. Jack Kirby’s 2001 A Space Odyssey – First Issue – w h o a

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Matthew Weiner, Vince Gilligan, and David Milch Interview – GQ – The creators of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Deadwood are this generation's auteurs. Brett Martin sits them down to discuss the future of television Bill Murray: The ESQ+A – Art of Stereo Conversion: 2D to 3D – 2012 –

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The Mad Men Account by Daniel Mendelsohn (NYRB) – With these standouts, Mad Men shares virtually no significant qualities except its design. The writing is extremely weak, the plotting haphazard and often preposterous, the characterizations shallow and sometimes incoherent; its attitude toward the past is glib and its self-positioning in the present is unattractively smug; …

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FXRant: "Back to the Future," Einstein Jump – kuva kuvalta -katsaus Designing Mad Men – Among many things that make Mad Men so intriguing is its broad definition of what constitutes design. For example, its cunningly detailed, not-quite-couture female costuming—the B.H. Wragge-style coat-and-dress ensembles, the Koret handbags, the Coro costume jewelry—makes the female characters (especially …

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The Age of Laura Linney (NYT Magazine) – puskee uutta sarjaa Showtimeltä Jason Mittell: On Disliking Mad Men – ei disautusta, vaan essee televisiosarjan rakastamisen vaikeudesta (vaikka miten tekisi mieli) Urbanized. A documentary film by Gary Hustwit – designnörteille lisää kuolattavaa?