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Alfonso Cuarón on Making Gravity – David Bordwell on The Grandmaster’s kaleidoscopic and mosaic structure – It’s a miracle that Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits even got made – Actors Choose Their Favorite Episodes From Their Shows –

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How to Kill a Joke on a Late Night Show – For the handful of ways a comedy piece can succeed, there are countless combinations of factors that can sabotage it. Here are just a few How Many Stephen Colberts Are There? – NYTimes.com – The Making of Dragon Tattoo’s Stunning Titles –

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The Mad Men Account by Daniel Mendelsohn (NYRB) – With these standouts, Mad Men shares virtually no significant qualities except its design. The writing is extremely weak, the plotting haphazard and often preposterous, the characterizations shallow and sometimes incoherent; its attitude toward the past is glib and its self-positioning in the present is unattractively smug; …

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Darren Aronofsky, director of arty frightfest Black Swan, has had his own battles with letting go – Tom Shone, New York Magazine Errol Morris: IBM Centennial Film – They Were There (YT) – All the scifi from Sundance that you'll be raving about soon –

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30 Awesome Disaster Movie Money Shots – yleensähän elokuvien parhaita kohtia keräävät listauspostaukset on ihan turhia, mutta tässä tapauksessa on kerrankin onnistuttu valitsemaan sopiva kohde Andrew Jarecki, director of Capturing the Friedmans, has a new film out soon – 100 Best Movie Spaceships – UGO.com –