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The incredible attention lavished upon the Academy Awards demands it be singled out as a meaningless and misleading worst offender – The Collegial Cutting Room Collaborators of Joe Dante, Part 1 – Part 2: http://blogs.indiewire.com/pressplay/13e368d0-3e72-11e1-97b6-123138165f92 How did 2011’s Sundance films fare at US box office? – olen noin niin kuin periaatteesta lipputulouutisointia vastaan, mutta tämä …

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Darren Aronofsky, director of arty frightfest Black Swan, has had his own battles with letting go – Tom Shone, New York Magazine Errol Morris: IBM Centennial Film – They Were There (YT) – All the scifi from Sundance that you'll be raving about soon –

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Sundancen voittajat: Winter's Bone ja Restrepo – “Sympathy For Delicious” won a special jury prize; cinematography award “The Oath”; “Animal Kingdom” led the World Cinema Dramatic categories, winning the grand jury prize; World Cinema Documentary categories were led by Mads Brügger’s “The Red Chapel,” which took the grand jury prize; Christian Frei’s “Space Tourists,” which …

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Banksy film 'Exit Through The Gift Sho' to debut at Sundance – Philip Seymour Hoffmanin esikoisohjaus Jack Goes Boating enskarissa Sundancessa – Sundance 2010 Cheat Sheet – Matt Zoller Seitzin juttu elokuvavideoesseistä –