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Guitar is Hand-Carved Homage to Giger’s Alien – The Scenic Rhythms of TV Series – Rhythm is a hard thing to analyze and measure, but one idea I’ve been toying with involves a little quantification: Scenes per Hour (SpH). Essentially, count the number of distinct scenes (which I’d roughly define as a continuous presentation of […]

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Why Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Is Like Nothing Else on TV – When a TV critic reports on a new show, it’s okay to say the series is promising, even the next big thing, but ideally, one shouldn’t go native. One should probably also talk in the third person. In this case, however, I’ll have to […]

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The Age of Laura Linney (NYT Magazine) – puskee uutta sarjaa Showtimeltä Jason Mittell: On Disliking Mad Men – ei disautusta, vaan essee televisiosarjan rakastamisen vaikeudesta (vaikka miten tekisi mieli) Urbanized. A documentary film by Gary Hustwit – designnörteille lisää kuolattavaa?

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The Hollywood Interview: Patrick Swayze: 1952–2009 – Jason Mittell: Sites of participation: Wiki fandom and the case of Lostpedia – This essay explores the award-winning fan site Lostpedia to examine how the wiki platform enables fan engagement, structures participation, and distinguishes between various forms of content, including canon, fanon, and parody. I write as a […]