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Doug Richardson on owning your work, even when it sucks – Note: Money Train is not a bad movie. It has its fans and for that I’m appreciative. It continues to play on cable and I gladly cash the residual checks I receive every quarter. My reaction to the film then and now is purely …

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Sorkinisms – A Supercut (YT) – ’Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner discusses Season 5 – Los Angeles Times – The AMC drama's creator discusses his show's fifth season — Don Draper's marriage, Pete Campbell's business acumen and stunning character developments. Jack Kirby’s 2001 A Space Odyssey – First Issue – w h o a

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American Cinematographer on The Fifth Element (1997) – Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom (Vanity Fair) – Armando Iannucci, Writer of “Veep” (New Yorker) – !!!

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Steve Coogan + Rob Brydon + Michael Winterbottom: The Trip – apua, tää on mennyt multa tyystin ohi! The Social Network @ NYFF (YT) – 30 min news conference + 50 min director's dialogue Last on to "The Wire" party! | Ask MetaFilter –