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Muscle Beach and the Dawn of Huge – Over the years, whispers have circled about Arnold’s possible involvement in the gay-for-pay cash grab at Gold’s, but no evidence has ever emerged. Sprague, when asked, says he had no direct knowledge and wouldn’t comment on rumors. So, too, with Drasin and the others I talked to, …

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Proof that Darlton had a plan for Lost from day one! (video) – 25 New Faces of Independent Film 2011 (The Filmmaker Magazine) – listoja, listoja Steve Coogan’s Grand Ambitions (The New York Review of Books) –

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Steve Coogan + Rob Brydon + Michael Winterbottom: The Trip – apua, tää on mennyt multa tyystin ohi! The Social Network @ NYFF (YT) – 30 min news conference + 50 min director's dialogue Last on to "The Wire" party! | Ask MetaFilter –